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The first place to look for help is in the manual. Press the "Learn" button on the main menu, and then select Manual, to find all kinds of useful information, both about Sudoku and using the app.



Having problems? - The first thing to try is to be sure you are running the most recent version of Enjoy Sudoku. Check for application updates to see if a more recent version is available.

Why don't you do ________? - We constantly get feature requests for features we already have. Check the settings page, there may well already be a setting to do what you want. If it isn't already available, feel free to send us feedback asking for it.

I found a puzzle with no solution or two solutions? - Every puzzle in Enjoy Sudoku is a valid Sudoku puzzle with a single solution that can be determined with logic alone. People often tell us that they found a puzzle with no solution or two solutions. However, when they send us a screenshot of the puzzle, it invariably turns out that they have made a mistake somewhere and the puzzle has exactly one solution.

If you get to a point where you think the puzzle has no solution, double check your existing entries carefully. It's fairly common to accidentally enter an incorrect digit early on in the solving process, and not notice a problem until much later. If you can't see the problem you can use Check Entries or ask for a hint, either of which will normally tell you where you've made a mistake.

If there aren't any mistakes, you can use "Show Solution", on the hint menu, to see the solution to the puzzle. Alternatively, you can step through the solving steps using hints to see the full logical sequence.

Another very common mistake is an incorrect identification of a deadly rectangle which appears to indicate that the puzzle has two solutions. Remember, a deadly rectangle must have cells in only two blocks and none of the cells can be clues. If you cannot figure out what's going on, get a screenshot of the puzzle and send it to us.

My device was replaced or reset and I can't find your app? - As long as you are using an Android device and have the same Google account setup, you can download a fresh copy for free. Launch the Google Play or Market app, press the menu button, select "My Apps" or "Downloads" or the down arrow with a line under it icon, search for Enjoy Sudoku, tap the app name, and then tap the Install button.

The app download never completes? - The Google Play store has been having occasional problems with payment authorizations and downloads, which can sometimes prevent downloads from completing. First, give it 24 hours and see if it will complete on its own. If that doesn't work, go to the Google Play app, pick the icon of a down arrow with a line under it, sometimes called "My apps" or "Downloads", select "Sudoku" or "Enjoy Sudoku" (as appropriate) on the menu, then press uninstall. When that completes, select "Sudoku" or "Enjoy Sudoku" (as appropriate) again, and then press "Install". That usually gets the download to work. Sometimes this needs to be done several times.

Another thing to try is to go to Google Wallet and make sure that your credit card information is entered correctly. It is possible for the card number or security code to be incorrect or missing.



When all else fails, you can contact tech support via email.