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Welcome to Enjoy Sudoku by Jason T. Linhart, a Sudoku game for the iPhone.



The goal is to enter a digit into every cell so that each row, column, and the nine 3x3 blocks each contain all of the digits from 1 to 9 exactly once. For information on specific strategies see the Sudopedia.



Touching one of the digits at the bottom of the board selects which digit is being entered. Touching a blank cell enters the current digit into the cell. To clear a cell, touch it again while the digit currently in the cell is selected.

Touching the pencil turns on pencil marks mode. When on, touching a cell places a pencil mark for the current digit in that cell, or removes the pencil mark if there is one already.



Highlight - When on, all of the cells that contain the current digit are highlighted in yellow. All of the cells that contain a pencil mark for the current digit are highlighted in pink.

Auto Pencil Marks - When on, empty cells automatically have pencil marks turned on for all digits which are not excluded by the current board position. When off, pencil marks may still be entered manually.

Time Clock - When on, a clock showing minutes and seconds elapsed is displayed at the bottom of the board. When off, the clock is hidden.

Mark Illogical Moves - When on, any digit which violates the basic rule (two or more of the same digit in the same row, column, or block) will be shown in red.


Difficulty Levels

Here are the solving techniques that may be required for each difficulty level. Each level may also require the techniques of any easier level.

Beginner Easy Moderate Intricate Difficult Devious Fiendish