Privacy Policy

We are committed to protecting the privacy of our users.

We never sell the names or any other information about our users to any third party for any purpose. All communications with our company, for example tech support, questions, etc are entirely private .

Our apps share information about how quickly you solve the puzzle and what settings you used, in order to offer comparisons of your time with other players. This information is stripped of all potentially personally identifiable information and then stored in aggregate. For example, we might store that 'two people solved a puzzle in one minute'. We do not store it as 'Joe and Suzy solved a puzzle in one minute'.

Our free versions include ads supplied by Google. Google collects quite a bit of information, however this is outside our control, see Google's privacy policy for specifics for more information.

We don't agree with or support Google's policies. Unfortunately, all the companies which supply ads have similar policies. Some form of advertising is what makes it possible for us to offer free apps.